The Mill’s History

The building that currently houses The Lofts at 7714 has enjoyed a long and rich history as a vital part of Mint Hill’s economy.  From 1945 to 1962 it was home to Kings Craft Hosiery Mill, the name of which can still be faintly viewed in the masonry above the portico entrance.  According to the Charlotte News article detailed below, the mill employed about 40 local residents.  

When the mill closed in 1962, John C. Healy and his wife Margaret bought the building and relocated their business, Laminated Top Company (LTC), from Charlotte.  For 28 years in this location, LTC manufactured laminated countertops for schools, laboratories, libraries, etc, employing workers from Mint Hill and its surrounding areas in Mecklenburg and Union counties.  

After the death of Mr. Healy in 1990, the building continued its industrial purpose being used by smaller manufacturing concerns and as warehouse space for local business people.  Today, the building’s industrial, and architecturally pleasing, characteristics are being repurposed to house the dreams of local entrepreneurs, merchants and creative souls.   

The 1945 Charlotte News headline read… New Hosiery Mill Slated

The King Craft Hosiery Mills will establish a plant at Mint Hill next month and expects to get into operation by Sept. 1.

This was announced today by Mrs. Herman S. Dersch, a partner in the firm. 

A lease agreement on file at the Courthouse disclosed that Carl J. McEwen, Charlotte and Mint Hill undertaker and business man, had agreed to construct a building to house the concern and to have it ready by Aug. 15.

The King Craft concern, it was explained, is a partnership composed of Herman S. Dersch of Jackson Ave., Charlotte, Ellen B. Dersch and Ellen R. Caywood.  On last April 30 it purchased the Kingston Hosiery Mill on 118 E. Kingston Ave. here and will use this equipment until newer machinery becomes available.


Mrs. Dersch said the building, to be of cement block construction with brick facing, would be 65 by 112 feet in dimensions and would provide ample space for twelve machines.  The lease agreement filed at the Courthouse stipulated that the building should be on a lot 125 by 250 feet.

Mrs. Dersch said that at present 45-gauge machines would be used but that orders had been placed for 51-gauge ones and these would be installed as soon as they become available.

Approximately 40 employees will be used at the start, Mrs. Dersch said.

We plan to start moving in about Aug 15, Mrs. Dersch said.

The lease, filed in the office at the Register of Deeds John R. Renfrow, set forth that the cost of construction plus 6 per cent plus $450 should be taken as the value of the property in fixing the rental and option to purchase.

The lease was for five years at an annual rental of ten per cent of the property’s value.

Mrs. Dersch said she understood Mr. McEwen planned a housing project for possible use by employees of the mill as soon as materials could be obtained.

Mr. McEwen was out of the City and could not be reached for a further statement on this.  

If you remember the King Craft Hosiery Mill in Mint Hill, NC, please contact the owners of The Lofts at 7714 at 704-491-1472.

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