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Happy Summer Mint Hill

Happy Summer from The Lofts at 7714, Mint Hill’s only surviving mill property located in the downtown business district.  Since 2011, the former Kings Craft Hosiery mill building (circa 1945 to 1962) has been undergoing a retrofit.  Today, eight local entrepreneurs, business people and artists call The Lofts at 7714 their commercial home.

Stop by and visit this historic building, just across from the Mint Hill Carl J. McEwen Historic Village.


The Lofts at 7714’s Past Uncovered with a Little Help

If you happened to be driving through downtown Mint Hill yesterday along Matthews-Mint Hill Road, you probably noticed some unusual work going on at The Lofts at 7714.  There was a truck, ladder and hose all aimed at the front exterior in hopes of uncovering something of the building’s past.

We know that the building was originally constructed to house a hosiery mill and we were hoping to find evidence of that in the way of a sign or engraving within the original masonry in the center top front of the building, something akin to what you see at Nebel Mills in Dilworth/Southend in Charlotte. 

This brick framed out section had been painted over many times.  Until yesterday it was a brick red.  But then with the help of a sand blasting crew, the past started to come into soft relief.  Restored to its original state, the masonry reveals the faint etching of letters originally painted or affixed to the building spelling out “King Craft Hosiery.”   

These letters are evidence that Mint Hill, for a time, capitalized on the textile boom that helped develop Charlotte and it’s surrounding communities.  And that original mill building is still standing strong as a piece of Mint Hill’s history just as the Charlotte Cotton Mill, Atherton Mill, Alpha Mill and, of course, Nebel Mill do in Charlotte. 

With only four commercial spaces remaining in Mint Hill’s only retrofitted mill property, don’t miss out on your chance to locate your business at The Lofts at 7714.  Contact us today at 704-491-1472 or 704-968-8286.

The Lofts at 7714 – Affordable Prices for Local Merchants, Entrepreneurs and Creative Souls.