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Mint Hill Potters Participating in Pottery Festival

The local artists of Pottery 51 will participate in the Carolina Clay Matters Pottery Guild’s Spring Pottery Festival this weekend.  The festival is Saturday, May 11th from 10 am to 4 pm at the Barn at McAlpine Business Park, 8300 Monroe Road in Charlotte.  Specifically, Pottery 51’s Rachel Hoover, David Bridge, Max McLeod, Althea Hayduk and Brenda Roberts will join about 50 other local potters, all members of the Carolina Clay Matters Pottery Guild, in displaying their ceramic works at the festival.

Pottery 51’s studio and gallery are located within The Lofts at 7714, a retrofitted mill property at 7714 Matthews-Mint Hill Road in downtown Mint Hill.  The nonprofit group rents individual studio space to local potters and offers pottery classes to local residents.

It’s That Time Again – Pottery 51’s Open House

The first Friday of the month is here and Pottery 51 is holding its Open House, a chance for you to come tour their pottery studio, meet the artists and even buy a truly unique gift for your Valentine.  Pottery 51’s gift shop features handmade jewelry, pottery and other extraordinary artwork.

Pottery 51 is located within The Lofts at 7714, located at 7714 Matthews-Mint Hill Road.  The Open House will take place on Friday, February 1st from 6:30 to 9:00 pm.  Refreshments, lively conversation and a unique atmosphere are all provided free of charge.  So come join, all of the folks at Pottery 51, especially this month’s featured artists, Amy Crump and Leslie Dalton Teiro, for a very enjoyable evening of art.

About Amy Crump

Mint Hill has always been home for Amy.  She was born in the town of Mint Hill before it was incorporated in 1971, raised her own children within the town, and continues to live in Mint Hill today.

Amy has always had an interest in and love of pottery.  Knowing that each piece was an expression of the potter’s hand, unique in itself even from other pieces like it, spoke deeply to Amy.  After having the opportunity to take several classes from Sylvia Copula, a local potter recently featured in NC magazine, Amy realized she could aspire to become a potter.  She is most interested in functional pottery and her pieces reflect what she enjoys…using pottery in the kitchen, loving its feel and the kinship with the earth that it represents.

Amy is very grateful to be developing her skills at Pottery 51, surrounded by many talented artists.  She sends a special thank you to David Bridge, whom she considers to be her mentor.

About Leslie Dalton Teiro

From a family of creative souls, Leslie says she has always felt the need to express herself through her handiwork.  Her preferred mediums are collage art and clay.  Both allow great freedom to explore many different interests.  Leslie started in clay by making beads for jewelry and has progressed to making hand built pieces such as bowls and trays.

Working in clay is something that has always interested her, because it encompasses such a varied range of function and beauty.  It, at times, can be extremely frustrating, she says but unbelievably rewarding.  Leslie has worked in many mediums, but she says there is nothing that comes close to clay in giving her that feeling that magic has happened.  Those are the moments, as an artist, she strives to capture.