Affordable Commercial Space for Lease in Mint Hill

In 1945, the Kings Craft Hosiery Mill opened at 7714 Matthews-Mint Hill Road in downtown Mint Hill. Today, that same mill property, reinvented as The Lofts at 7714, houses small businesses using this vintage building for contemporary uses, i.e., a yoga studio, a pottery co-op and gallery, and a performing arts school.

Commercial Spaces Currently Available in Mint Hill

This spring, there are three spaces available for lease in The Lofts at 7714:

  • Suite G: 250-square foot office with open floor plan – Available now
  • Suite H: 500-square foot office with three rooms – Available June 1, 2020
  • Suite I: 1,400-square foot space with open floor plan. suitable for office, retail or studio use – Available now

Virtual Walking Tour of the Exterior of the Property

Are you interested in one of these available spaces? Leasing operations continue at The Lofts at 7714, just on a virtual basis right now due to Covid-19.

Let’s take a walk around the property.

The front of the property features the mill’s original portico at its center. All tenants have the option to be listed on the street-front directory.

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The three street-front tenants: Suite A, Bull-Moose Guns; Suite B, Spotlight Performing Arts Academy; and Suite C, Pottery 51, are all listed on the left side of the directory sign. Parking is available in the front lot for these tenants.

Visitors looking for Suites E-K (rear entrance tenants), take the driveway toward the parking lot located at the back of the property. Parking is also available along the right side of this driveway.

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Tenants and visitors can access Suites E-K through either of the common back entrances.

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Virtual Tour of Suite I

This 1,400-square foot space has its own private exterior entrance, plus two internal entrances that lead to the building’s common area and restrooms.

(Note: the rolling door does not have a drive up or in option, however, one of the internal entrances is a double-wide door, located near a common back entrance that a tenant can use to bring in large merchandise.)

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Virtual Tour of Suites G and H

Both of these interior spaces are located close to each other and to a common building entrance.

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The 500-square foot Suite H, features three rooms: a front reception area, a small work area and a large office.

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The 250-square foot Suite G is a great space for a one or two-person office or studio.

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For more information or to speak to a property manager about the available commercial spaces in The Lofts at 7714, email

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