Friday Night Art at Pottery 51

Pottery 51 will host its second First Friday open house on January 4th from 6:30 to 9:00 pm at its new storefront location in The Lofts at 7714, 7714 Matthews-Mint Hill Road.  Come enjoy beautiful and one-of-a-kind pottery, as well as refreshments and lively discussions.

This month’s open house features the pottery of artists David Bridge and Althea Hadjuk.

About David Bridge:  David has always enjoyed working with his hands, everything from restoring historic houses to tying flys for fly fishing.  After he retired, his wife, Candace, asked him if he would be interested in taking a pottery class.  He said yes but never signed up, he was always too busy.  In 2008, she signed him up for his first class and told him all he had to do was show up!  The hand-building class with teacher, Sylvia Coppola, was all it took to ignite a passion for building pottery.  David gets his inspiration from other potters, such as Sylvia Coppola, Andy Smith and Joy Tanner.  He creates mostly functional pieces.  Most days you can find him in his studio at Pottery 51.  Stop by and he’ll be glad to show you the process in creating a piece.

About Althea Hadjuk:  A wedding gift brought from Jamaica by a friend over 17 years ago was when my fascination with clay began. It took me on a journey that led to an historical investigation of Jamaican pottery, 2 research grants from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts,  a graduate thesis on African American ceramics, the founding and editing of an online ceramics journal, working as research assistant to a  museum curator on a landmark ceramics exhibition, and of course, becoming a potter.

I enjoy making tableware and miniature vessels. “Simple, Functional Elegance” is what I hope my work communicates. I rely on the harmony of form and glaze and less on embellishment to achieve this outcome. Recently however I have begun to experiment with imagery on my work and more specifically, tropical flora. Where this will lead is part of the wonder and exhilaration of working with clay.

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