Pottery 51 is Expanding its Space in The Lofts at 7714

Pottery 51, a long-time tenant within the building now known as The Lofts at 7714, is getting ready to more than double its studio space.  Now located in the 1400 square foot Suite C at the back of the building, Pottery 51 will soon move into the currently unoccupied street front space beside Spotlight Performing Arts Academy.

This non-profit arts group, whose members include potters of all ages, is currently arranging its new studio within the 3400 square foot Suite B.  They have taken the blank canvas of this former mill space and are truly making it their own.  They have painted the floor and walls, except for the exposed brick which highlights the building’s past, and are designing a showroom at the front of the space for the public to come and view their beautiful clay works.  According to David Bridge, a key leader in the group, Pottery 51 will be ready to move into its new space by the end of October, if not sooner.

The addition of Pottery 51 to the street front scene of The Lofts at 7714 will further add to its culture of “art for the body, mind and soul.”  Mint Hill Martial Arts feeds the physical and spiritual, Spotlight Performing Arts Academy nurtures the musical and dramatic arts, and Pottery 51 creates vibrant visual art through its kiln.  And within the interior of The Lofts at 7714, Asylum Digital records music of all types and Mint Hill Yoga also provides a physical and spiritual outlet through another discipine.

Come join us at The Lofts at 7714 and see the reincarnation of Mint Hill’s only textile mill.

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